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Humans understands technology mostly as its final form. They do not necessarily grasp the complexity of it, nor do they consider all the steps it took to get to this result. Truth be told: they are not interested in learning so. On the other hand, ITs have a more precise and realistic understanding of technology. Both Humans and ITs realities are true for themselves, but not to each other. Very much like teenagers and parents, ITs and non-ITs (“Human World”) are two sides that have troubles understanding each other. Both these worlds have their languages and codes, their understanding (of technology) and their limits in understanding each other’s realities.

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A business mooving to the cloud!

Je tiens à vous féliciter tous et toutes pour le travail que vous avez accompli jusqu'à maintenant pour ShareGate. Le lancement interne a été un franc succès. Je souligne d'ailleurs l'extra mile que vous avez fait en organisant et animant le reveal. C'était magique.

Vincent Guerin - Directeur marketing Gsoft

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