Sébastien St-Martin

aka The Risk Taker

This guy is a real Swiss Army knife! Both a husband and an accomplished father, Sébastien is a master of video production, an award-winning athlete, and an adventurer who has surely visited more countries than Carmen San Diego. In short, he is living proof that you can succeed at everything you do… but only if you take risks!
His passion for video creation quickly turned into a viral success when many of his projects were shared by millions on the web and on television. If you ask him about his greatest pieces as a director, he’ll probably talk about Anthony Kavanagh, HowardScott and Phil Roy.
We are currently writing a reality TV show about his life before #TeamKOZE

The Risk Taker
Cofounder - Creative & Director
I'm half-human, half-fish
but I still can't breathe underwater...

Mon portfolio

Sébastien St-Martin
Philippe Laprise

Je m'en occupe (I got this)

Sébastien St-Martin
Anthony Kavanagh

Le retour

Sébastien St-Martin
GMCF X Vidéotron

Le show héliporté

Sébastien St-Martin

It's time for a change

Sébastien St-Martin
Phil Roy

Noël 2017