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KOZE is a unique Montreal-based creative agency with the background, skill and know-how to bring any project to life. Specializing in video and photo production, KOZE will meet anywhere, shoot anywhere, and mix anywhere in order to make sure your intended audience is moved by your message. KOZE is a one-stop shop, capable of handling the boldest of projects. We are a team of creative strategic partners who produce content with emotion.

At KOZE, we are adventurers who are passionate about branding, people, travel, technology and sport. We are experts at emotion. We make sure people feel something positive after seeing your production. Our active lifestyles are reflected in our work, and when combined with our experience, it makes KOZE stand out among the rest.

Let’s team up!


Team Koze

Patrick St-Martin AKA The funny guy

Co-founder – Director and Photographer

Patrick is ready to capture any moment at any time. He is an adventurer, an athlete, a director and a photographer. He is curious and motivated, meticulous about getting things right in his personal and professional lives.
After having spent 10 years working in logistics for renowned events such as the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu International Balloon Festival, Le Grand défi Pierre Lavoie and Outrun Diabetes, Patrick turned to direction and photography. His portfolio includes many successful campaigns, including Trouve ta bonne humeur and BiogeniQ. Patrick loves sports and nature and is active in the outdoor community.
Patrick’s alter ego is definitely Indiana Jones. #TeamKOZE

Pierre-Luc Miville AKA the Funkmaster

Co-founder – Video Director and VFX Specialist

Pierre-Luc is an expert in direction. He has only one goal and that is to stay off the beaten track and do everything humanly possible (and beyond!) to bring your vision to light.
He is appreciated by KOZE’s clients, has the attention of the industry, not to mention many admirers. Pierre-Luc’s passion quickly led him to work on successful productions such as Le Grand défi Pierre Lavoie and the TV show, En mode Salvail. A respected director in the comedy world, Pierre-Luc has worked with several comedians, including François Bellefeuille, a well-known Quebec humourist.
Pierre-Luc is a special effects Jedi. #TeamKOZE

Sébastien St-Martin AKA The Risk taker

Cofounder – Video Director and Photographer

Sébastien is like a Swiss army knife! Both a proud partner and father, Sébastien is an expert in video direction, an award-winning athlete and an adventurer who has probably visited more countries than Carmen San Diego. He is living proof that we can succeed at everything if we are willing to take risks.
Several of Sébastien’s videos have gone viral and have also appeared on TV. Ask him which of his productions he is most proud, and he will undoubtedly say, Explore Guadeloupe, Explore Québec and Air Eau Bois.
We are currently writing a reality TV show about his life. #TeamKOZE

Vincent Chabot AKA The corporate guy

Co-founder – Producer and CEO

As the head of KOZE’s creative team, Vincent is best known as an excellent communicator with a passion for new media and a very strong motivation to succeed.
After working in various large companies for many years, Vincent wanted to shake up the existing business ecosystem by co-founding organizations that are as explosive as they are visionary. His vision led him to co-found KOZE and Les soirées Mangrove, where he made a name for himself in the entrepreneurial space. And to think all of this drive started with his first shiny medal, earned at a hockey tournament in 1995!
Vincent is the essence of multitasking. #TeamKOZE


Laurence BélangerAKA The Driller


For Laurence, life is nothing short of a musical. And so it plays on! She’s pretty expressive, just so you’ll know. Rest assured, she is also a girl full of empathy, who knows to listen to her teammates, and pamper them, too. Her extraordinary sense of organization and positive energy allow her to carry out several artistic projects at once, while completing her Bachelor’s degree in cultural and media production strategies. With her 5 foot, 1 inch of solid rigor, this essential oils lover is proof that tall oaks grow from little acorns… #TeamKOZE

Alexandre CôtéAKA The Octopus

Communication manager

Alexander is the guy you want on your team for a game of Cranium: a formidable intellect with a wicked sense of humour. He knows the little details that will add the right twist to a campaign’s strategy or message. His knowledge and analytical mind have always served him well in journalism and in getting his Master's degree in history. Alex thinks, Alex writes and Alex ensures that what comes out of Koze reflects the client's goals. He is very own historian, right from Longueuil; someone who reminds us that you can’t really know where you're going until you know where you've been. #TeamKOZE

Nadia Côté...

Project manager


Jérôme Desgroseilliers...



Samantha LabrecqueAKA the Gamer

Technical director and postproduction manager

The girl with a thirst for knowledge, that’s Samantha. Curious about new things, she is versatile, passionate and meticulous. She is also vegetarian, the kind that doesn’t cheat. Maybe that’s the secret behind her being the Benjamin Button of Team Koze? She is already five years younger than when we hired her. Technical director and editor, Samantha is also an avid cinephile and loves videogames. This gamer isn’t scared of getting her hands dirty, whether it’s on an outdoor shoot or by setting up the equipment room. She also knows how to beat every level of Mario Bros. #TeamKOZE

Samuel PineaultAKA the Wanderluster

Postproduction manager

Samuel is Bruce Wayne, minus the money. He has this weird and mysterious aura that surrounds him, and although we tried to figure it out, nobody really knows what its about. We do know that he is someone who is passionate and completely immersed in his projects. Editor by day, supposedly photographer and videographer the rest of the time – that is, if we rely on his travel stories and anecdotes. One thing we know for sure is that his work and talent have already propelled one of his videos to Canal Évasion. The rest is an enigma that we’ve yet to solve, but we did hear that… #TeamKOZE

Robin SummerAKA the French connection


Robin, a considerable (-y tall) director with a tender heart. A guy with the sensitivity of a child but the wisdom of a monk. It is this sensibility, mixed with an overflowing imagination, that allows him to make vibrant and authentic videos, like those he made for la Fondation du Grand défi Pierre Lavoie. But for Robin, accumulating Energy Cubes is not a challenge! Always taking part in sports that make him sweat, Robin runs and rides the streets of Montreal listening to his favourite music: a training playlist judiciously composed of Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift. Ya’ know, a tender heart... #TeamKOZE

Charles-Antoine Thériault...

Production and postproduction assistant



Feel the passion of people and the overwhelming beauty of the planet.


Inspire to overlook comfort zones.


Project Development

Together we create bold concepts that work. We develop strategies that strengthen the impact of your brand through content that connects you with your target audience. Don’t let chance determine your success and visibility.

  • Consultation and brainstorming
  • Ideation
  • Project management
  • Scriptwriting

Video production

We create stunning video content for the people who matter most to your brand. Your marketing content exists in a very competitive environment – let’s make sure it stands out! At Koze, our creative team will fashion video content that will be enjoyed and shared by the people that matter to you. We understand that your marketing content lives in a competitive environment─let’s make sure it stands out.

  • Direction
  • Advertising
  • Web and TV clips
  • Branded content

Photo content

We produce custom-made photography portfolios showcasing what makes your brand image unique.

  • Advertising
  • Branding

Event coverage

Send Team KOZE into the field to produce full video and photo coverage of your event. We capture magical moments, whatever and wherever they are.

  • Full service video direction and production
  • Photo content


Want to capture the summit of Mount Hua, make a car explode or build an igloo in Peru? Our team of experts is prepared to do whatever it takes.

  • BOOM!
  • WOW!

    We accompany you right to the finish line! Now that you have the perfect concept, being in the right place at the right time can make a big difference.

    • Consulting
    • Media planning

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